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In our last article, I spoke about the 2 main reasons why a Women Owned Business should become Federally certified as a WOSB. The 8a certification, although has similar reasoning, there is one particular trait about it which makes it very special.
MONEY…. 23% of all Government contracts are required to be awarded to 8a certified firms. That is, all federal agencies, departments of agencies etc. are required by the Federal Government to give almost a quarter of their contracts to only 8a certified firms. This not only reduces the competition significantly it levels the playing field so that Small Business may complete more fairly.
Why Should Businesses Apply?
During the first term of the Obama administration, $376.2 billion in contracting dollars went to Small Businesses.  This is a $48.1 billion increase over the four preceding years even as we have reduced contracting spending overall. This tells us that the Government wants to help Small Businesses by giving them new opportunities to grow.
The Process:
The 8a process for those who have attempted it, know that it is quite lengthy. The average time it takes to complete the certification will vary between 20-40 hours depending on the business structure, its owners etc. Some of our clients who have attempted to complete it themselves have decide to hire us instead to avoid the headache of trying to understand the complexity of the program.
What We Do For You:
We ONLY consult with Los Angeles based companies. That keeps us local and will allow us to give the best service to our clients. They know we are just a few miles away and can call or meet with us as often as they would like.
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The SBA Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) Contracting Program.



Last year, I wrote about the basics of contracting and the 2 main Federal Certifications available to Small Businesses, the 8a Federal Contracting Program and the WOSB Program. In this article, I will be writing specifically about the Women Owned Small Business Contracting Program or the WOSB for short.

It is important to first understand that the Federal Government authorizes contracting officers to specifically limiting, or setting aside, certain requirements for competition solely between Women Owned Businesses. The Federal government MUST award 5% of its prime and subcontract dollars to women-owned small businesses.

What does this mean?

A whole lot of money. Since 5% of all funds must be awarded to Women Owned Businesses, only those who are recognized by the SBA as a Women Owned Small Business will be allowed to bid on these contracts. Hence, resulting in much less competition with a greater chance of winning the job. In addition, each Federal agency negotiates annual small business goals with the Small Business Administration (SBA) that presents, for that agency, the maximum practicable opportunity for small businesses.

The top 2 reasons Women Owned Businesses should become WOSB Certified:

1. If you are a women and own a business who may contract with the Government, this is a great way to increase your customer base and revenues. Think of it as a sorority you will belong to that only a hand full of businesses are a part of.

2. Whether you will be contracting with the Government or not, it is a great way to market your firm to potential customers as a Federally Certified Women Owned Small Business. Who wouldn’t want to do business with a Federally Certified Agency?

How SBC Consultants Helps you:

We have been trained by the SBA, which means that we have taken everything they do and applied it to our own clients. We know the ins and outs of the program and guarantee our clients CERTIFICATION. Visit our website today to see how we can help you become certified.

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