Contracting with Metro

  (818)551-9400     On October 1st 2015, I wrote an article about a friend of mine, who after three years of convincing, finally saw an opportunity to contract with Metro. To explain to you the diversity of contracts available with Metro, my friend is a videographer, and this particular contract was to be for […]


Be careful who you hire to assist with your Certifications

(818)551-9400   I recently gave a presentation to an organization called, Women’s Presidents Organization. They are a nationwide group consisting of various chapter throughout each state. Each group consists of successful Women entrepreneurs who have monthly meeting and discuss various topics on how to grow their businesses. A few days ago, I received a phone […]


Metro’s DBE Certification

(818)551-9400   As Business Owners, we always try to promote and brand ourselves to everyone we can. This includes but is not limited to, other business owners, family, friends etc. We get particularly excited when a close friend calls us for assistance. Three years ago, I met with a friend of mine who is a […]


DBE Certification in Two Weeks

(818)551-9400   Most times when clients ask about about Certifications, the same questions always come up.”How long does it take to get certified?” Normally it would take roughly 3 months for Metro to approve a Business under each certification. This may seem long, but actually is a short time frame compared to other certifications, such […]